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Karine Gil's second album. Stimulating melodies for piano inspired by nature and wildlife in a classical style.

Genre: New Age: Solo Instrumental
Release Date: 2009
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Inspired in Nebraska"

CD Production 2009-10
1. Friendship
2. Memories and Wishes
3. Sounds of the Platte River
4. Walking with Scotty
5. I need you alive
6. Christmas with Jesus
7. Meditation
8. Nita’s garden
9. Nice deep thoughts
10. Sandhill Cranes’ March-Tango
11. Pleiades Waltz
12. Renaissance
13. Goodbye
14. Rhythm of the Platte River
15. Song without Words
16. Entwined

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This is a suite of Venezuelan pieces from centuries XIX and XX, composed originally for piano solo and performed for this production by a trio: piano, cuatro and guitar. Cuatro is a "four strings guitar and a Venezuelan national instrument. All compositions are performed with elegance and Latin characteristic of the Venezuelan waltzes, joropos, merengues and dances from different regions of the country. All musical arrangements for the trio were harmonized by Ney Allie in the Guitar and Elio Castellanos in the Cuatro.

Her production of Venezuela, Venezuela Mine, Vol 1. is one of the greatest contributions to the dissemination of culture and folklore of her native country.


1. Mañanitas Caraqueñas /Mornings in Caracas by E. Castellanos (2:09)
2. Quinta Anauco by A. Romero (3:11)
3. Brisas del Zulia (Waltz) by A. Espina (2:07)
4. Cierto Curita* (Dance XIX c.) by M. Betancourt (2:09)
5. Danza Venezolana* (Dance XIX c.) by B.M.Tovar (1:40)
6. Una Lagrima* /A tear drop (Waltz XIX c) by J.B. Cabrera (1:59)
7. Ecos del Corazon (Waltz XIX c). by H. Fernandez (1:44)
8. La Bartolada* (Merengue 5/8) by R. Borges (1:37)
9. Juliana (Waltz) by L. Belasco (2:03)
10. Concierto en la LLanura /Concert in the Plains by J.V. Torrealba (2:43)
11. El Porteño*(Merengue 5/8) Popular (1:03)
12. Yo no te olvidare* (I will not forget you Waltz) by M. Guadalajara (2:02)
13. Isabel* (Waltz XIX c) by I. De Maury (1:40)
14. El Diablo Suelto (The Loose Devil) by H. Fernandez (1:58)
15. Joropo (A mi padre) by Karine Gil (2:00).
16. Joropo by M. Moleiro (3:43)
17. Luisa (Cuatro - solo) by A. Huerta (2:53)
18. La Zapoara (Guitar-solo) by A. Vargas (1:13)
19. Merengue Venezolano (Duo: Cuatro & Guitar) by R. Riera (1:42)
20. Tocatta en Si menor (B minor) (piano solo) by M. Moleiro (2:12)
*Harmonized for piano by V.E. Sojo.

General Production: Karine Gil and Enrique Weir. Recorded in Fonografica
Maracaibo. Venezuela.
Mastering: Digital Post, C.A. USA.
Legal Deposit: FD21594324

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